Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breakfast at Mummy's office and Spring has sprung

What a busy couple of weeks we have had. It had been a few months since the girls had visited the office and they wanted to see Collette (a lady I work with) so they came in early one morning to have breakfast tacos with us before going to pre-school. Of course they were all excited and didn't actually eat much but oh well they had fun. In fact the following week we had picked up Collette on the way to work as she had dropped her car off for a service. When we stopped to let Collette out at the office on the way to pre-school poor little Caitlyn was all upset because she thought we'd all be getting out and having breakfast together again.
On Wednesday this week Amy was in a play at pre-school. It was called "the tall tall grass". Each of the kids were a different animal and Amy was a Firefly. She was so excited because she was the only one with props....a flashlight! At the end of the play she thanked everyone for coming to watch. It was so cute. I am still finishing decorating both Amy and Caitlyn's bedrooms and I'm nearly done. Last weekend the shelves I bought them were put up and in Caitlyn's room she has a clock and growth chart up too. Caitlyn also finally is out of her crib and into a toddler bed. Two weeks ago she was climbing out of it when I put her down for a nap so I converted it to the toddler bed. She has done really well too. Knowing her I was expecting that she would get out of it when I pit her to bed at night, but she hasn't. She goes to bed really well and stays there for the night!
This weekend we have had lots of time outside planting flowers in our garden beds. I bought the girls each their own watering can. Caitlyn ended up taking a nap but Amy was a big help in the garden. She had an important job of stacking all the empty plastic pots after I had planted and then she went around with her watering can watering all the flowers. Of course she would only let me pick pink, purple or white flowers. But I think it will look really pretty as they all bloom. Today nothing excited planned, just grocery shopping and laundry. But we may go to the park again this afternoon since it is so nice outside.

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